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Seymour Surveyors – A more informed decision

We know that delivering complex civil engineering projects on time and on budget is never easy. Your success relies on being able to make the right decisions, often under tight deadlines. So, that’s why it’s important to select a professional surveying partner that not only has the right knowledge and experience to deliver accurate and reliable reporting, but one that can also offer the cost-efficiency and flexibility that is required to respond to the needs of a dynamic and demanding industry.

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Quantity Surveying & Expert Witness (Construction Costs)

Our experienced and professional team at Seymour Surveyors offer Quantity Surveying services on building and infrastructure projects. We provide solutions to designers, engineers, contractors and suppliers as well as working for project clients and funders. Our staff can provide services in a variety of situations and locations to suit our customer and their project’s requirements. Our quantity surveyors offer a flexible solution for all of your construction projects. We can support you at every stage of a project, from pre to post contract. We will provide all aspects of quantity surveying as a full service or a top-up to your own resources offering the following:

  • Quantity take-off from drawings  & on-site measurements
  • Cost estimating & works pricing
  • Cost plans and budget control
  • Contract administration
  • Valuation, invoicing & cash flow forecasts
  • Cost control and reporting
  • Supply chain management

We can also provide expert witness evidence, our experts are trained and qualified to give written and oral evidence in all aspects of construction costs. Our works comply to the Civil Procedure Rules, Practice Direction and to the RICS Practice Statement and Guidance Note. We have experience in all arenas of dispute resolution including mediation, adjudication and litigation.

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Commercial Management & Tender Support

Delivering projects on time, within budget and to the standard required requires effective commercial management. Ambiguity, uncertainty and contract interpretation create situations that often lead to contractual disputes. At Seymour Surveyors we provide our customers with the best people, systems and processes to keep every project on track. Our expertise and judgement deliver consistent outcomes to our clients supporting their own risk management and governance measures.

We offer a comprehensive document review service to contractors tendering or seeking to enter into a contract. Our specialists are well placed to review the contract terms and identify not only the contractual obligations but will also highlight amendments to standard form conditions where these adjust the balance of risk. We will present clients with a table of significant issues graded by impact and will highlight elements for which contractors may need to include allowances within the tender price.

Seymour Surveyors provide tender support to our customers and have extensive experience of bidding for central government and local authority schemes as well as privately financed building & infrastructure projects. Whilst price is often only a portion of the tender submission, it is critical to not only a winning a bid but also to delivering the project in a profitable environment. We consistently deliver successful outcomes with a highly regarded win ratio and are regularly asked to provide further support to client teams.

We recognise that tendering involves short term, high intensity input and that the right people are not always immediately available within the client operations. External consultants provide a flexible ‘on demand’ resource removing the need for excessive overheads and business disruption. We understand our clients needs in terms of confidentiality when tendering for and working on projects. You can be assured that we adhere to strict commercial confidence rules and constantly review our own work to ensure we avoid potential conflict of interest issues to maintain and secure your trust.